• When is the right time to expand?

    Peter Sinclair writes that throughout the past seventeen years - since setting up my company Outasight Enterprises - though I owned my first business years before at the age of eighteen - there has never been a right time to expand.
    There has never been enough time, never been enough money, never been enough staff, never been enough skill, never been enough clientele - when it came to pushing forward to the next level, or through the next challenge.
    But experience has taught me this - that though it is NEVER the right time - it is ALWAYS the right time.
  • Is School such a good thing?

    We have the pleasure of working with Marc Winn, who recently reflected on his son's first days at School.

    I look at my almost 3 year old son and I see that he is already where he needs to be.

    For him, everything is fantastic! He lives in the moment, has no problem being himself, doesn’t care what anyone thinks, and he will try anything. The bottom line is – he loves life. Forget about me teaching him – he is currently teaching me! From him, I am learning  how to be.

    So I ask the question: what is it we do to our children that takes them away from that place we long to reach? How has the combined wisdom of the entire human race only managed to destroy, rather than build upon, such a great start?

  • Are You Bored?

    Marc Winn writes; 

    ‘Bored Beyond Belief’ is the phrase I painfully scrawled on most of my folders at school. It was from a scene in my favourite Steve Martin movie – LA Story. Steve Martin wrote the phrase on a window during a period of utter boredom, living in a world that, deep down, did not connect with him.

    That scene really resonated with me at the time. I spent much of my childhood in a place between utter boredom and feeling ever so slightly insane. Not much of the world around me seemed to make sense at the time. I have spent much of my life feeling so, so bored – and it is only now that I am starting to realise why.